Senior Surfers

What is included?

Why is it important?

Preventative medicine is the most effective medicine early detection and management of age related conditions can significantly slow down the progression of the condition and reduce its impact on your pet’s health, well being and general quality of life. Many age related conditions can develop well before symptoms of kidney failure are seen, for example approximately 70% of both kidneys must be damaged before symptoms are seen. Many animals will mask developing arthritis with changes to their behavior and habits which we often pass off as, “just getting old”. Annual blood testing and x-rays can pick up these changes and allow us to begin supportive care and slow the rate of deterioration.

Is my pet a senior surfer?

We consider cats over the age of 12 years or dogs over the age of 10 to be “senior”;however if your pet is from a rescue background and you suspect they have had a hard life before they joined your family ( or you suspect they are older than you initially thought) then we are happy to include them in this wellness program.

How can my pet participate in this program?

Call either our Orewa or Millwater Hospitals and make an appointment. This is a day stay program, we recommend that your pet comes in with an empty stomach-so no breakfast; water is fine- arrange to drop your pet with us between 8 and 9 am and they will be ready for collection and their discharge appointment between 3 and 6 pm. This discharge appointment is where all the test results will be discussed with you.

Can my pet be vaccinated at the same time?

If your pet has no health concerns where medication will contradict a vaccine and their vaccine is due than we can easily do it while they are with us.

How much will it cost?

The all inclusive price (excluding vaccinations) is: Cats: $375 to $410 and Dogs: $395 to $420