All of our hospitals have dedicated surgery rooms for performing sterile procedures. We use the best available sedation and general anaesthetic drugs that can be tailored to your pet’s needs to ensure their comfort throughout. Our nurses are very capable anaesthesiologists and all of our hospitals have newly added anaesthetic machines. We monitor our patients very carefully and take the utmost care for them while they are having their surgery done by our highly skilled veterinarians. We believe the aftercare and recovery time is also very important and we make sure the animals are comfortable, warm and reassured.

We do surgery every weekday, whether it be elective or anything from repairing a wound to pinning a broken bone.

Here are just some of the surgeries we perform

We also have a dedicated orthopedic surgeon who we can call upon for complex cases. He has his own tools and travels where he is needed. This means that your pet doesn’t have to be moved to a referral clinic and can stay in the comfort of a familiar clinic.