Synoquin-A joint supplement

Arthritis Management
Synoquin-A joint supplement to aid comfortable movement in cats and dogs.

This comes in the form of tablets or capsules and is given once a day with some food, it is targeted nutritional support for the joints, proven to improve mobility.

A unique formula to help maintain joint function
-Dexahan “The fire fighter” a highly purified form of krill contains the purest and most bioactive source of omega 3 fatty acids, to aid joint comfort and mobility
-Glucosamine Hydrochloride “The builder” an important ingredient for the production of healthy cartilage
-Ascorbic acid “The scavenger” helps to tackle oxidative stress in the joint
-Zinc “The synthesiser” supports healthy cartilage production
-Chondroitin sulphate “The shock absorber” is essential to give cartilage its shock absorbing properties