It is a legal requirement that all dogs registered in New Zealand (except farm dogs used for stock control and dogs born before 2006) must be microchipped.

Microchipping is a simple, lifelong way to identify your pet and link them to you the owner, and results in the speedier return of lost, stolen or injured animals.

If you have got your pet microchipped you need to make sure they are also registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register as well as registered with your local council.

The NZCAR is a New Zealand wide database that contains your pet’s microchip number then links it to your contact details that you have supplied them. They also work in with the lost pet register and our microchip scanner will tell us if we scan a pet that has been reported as lost through them.

At both of our clinics we incorporate the cost of the registration onto the NZCAR with the microchip fee. We do this so the extra cost and thought of doing it is already taken care of for you.