Cool Cases


Kino's story (our star): Kino had been missing for 2 weeks when he was found by a member of the public and brought into the clinic. He had suffered significant head trauma which we estimated to have happened approximately 5-6 days prior to him being found. He was very dehydrated, underweight, and in a state of shock. Luckily, through the power of Facebook we managed to find his owners quickly.

Kino had multiple fractures to his upper and lower jaws, damage to his hard palate (the roof of his mouth) resulting in an infection in his sinuses, and a damaged eye. Kino was stabilised before he underwent a lengthy operation to wire his jaw fractures, repair the damage to his soft palate, and remove his right eye (which unfortunately could not be saved). We also placed a feeding tube at this time to enable us to ensure that Kino had enough nutrition whilst his jaw and mouth healed and he could learn to eat again.

Kino spent 3 weeks hospitalised with quite intensive care. His owners were 100% committed to his recovery which meant he could be given the best chance possible of recovering. Kino has amazed us with his strength and determination to get better despite his condition when he presented and the challenges he faced with his recovery. He is now fully recovered and a beautiful happy cat.


This is Trevor, an absolutely cruisy dude. In fact he's so cruisy that it was difficult to work out why he wasn't well.

Trevor had stopped eating (which is very unlike him) and been sick a couple of times over the course of a week. He had a slightly elevated temperature but wasn't particularly sore in his abdomen.

When we took an x-ray of his abdomen we could see lots of gas throughout his intestines. We gave him some barium and then took further x-rays - barium shows up as bright white on x-rays, which enables us to see how food moves through the intestine. After 19 hours the barium had not moved from the stomach which indicated that Trevor had an intestinal obstruction.

We took Trevor to surgery and found that a piece of thick plastic had blocked his intestine. The affected section of intestine was very stretched and inflamed but thankfully no intestine had to be removed. Please note the photos may not be suitable to look at if you are squeamish.

Trevor is now making a great recovery and back to eating really well. His mum and dad said that he likes food so much that it was probably some sort of sauce packaging.

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