Schools & Kindies

Seeing kids grow up with pets is something very special and important to us, so we take every opportunity we can to encourage learning at any age. We run educational visits for our local kindies, inviting the children for behind the scenes tours and interactive learning. We get the children engaged about learning about their pet’s behaviour and their needs. We also educate children on how to behave around dogs and cats, and how to meet a new 4 legged friend, sometimes this involves us taking our dogs to the kindy or preschool as well.

Some of our nurses have school aged children and they are regularly in the classroom helping with animal first aid, husbandry and behaviour information. We also have been part of the Orewa College Gateway Placement Programme for quite a few years now. This gives high school students who are interested in a career with animals some firsthand experience at our clinic; they have a chance to ask questions, learn new things and participate in animal care.