Gutter Kitties

We have been working with Gutter Kitties since 2011, we have seen all the great work they do and how many cats they rescue. It is great to have a local cat rescue and shelter that we can rely on. Find out more below.

Gutter Kitties is Auckland's largest no-kill cat rescue, run by volunteers, and relying entirely on donations to make a difference to the lives of Auckland's street cats. We maintain high standards of animal welfare, professionalism and integrity, and work with other rescue centres and entities as required to achieve our purpose. We strive to educate the public, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Our communal shelter The Paw Pad is located in Stanmore Bay, and this is where our unsocialised street cats first go upon coming into our care. Here they are tamed by a wonderful group of volunteers, and then move into foster homes to prepare them for finding their own human family.

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