Cat Grooming

We offer a cat grooming service, there are a few reasons a cat may need a groom, and below are just a few that we encounter regularly.

Your cat has knots and or mats.

Your cat’s fur on its tummy or bottom become dirty easily.

You have a long haired cat that gets too hot and needs a full on lion clip.

You have an elderly or over weight cat that can’t groom itself properly.

If you own a long haired cat you would know that they need to be brushed regularly, some more than others. If this doesn’t happen, or they aren’t grooming themselves properly, big chunks of matted fur can quickly form. When the matt has been there for a few days it starts to get tight on the cat’s skin and can hurt.

If there are only a few small knots and your cat is compliant we will try to brush them out while your cat is awake. But if your cat needs a proper groom we usually will use a very safe quick sedation that can be reversed as soon as we are done. With your cat being sedated for the groom this means that we can do the groom a lot more efficiently, get it looking nice. The other reason we use sedation is because it is a lot kinder and less stressful on the cat.