Cat boarding

We offer cat boarding services at our Orewa Clinic. It is especially handy having your cat stay with us while you are away if they need daily medication or their health monitored.

We have 7 large cages that measure 120cm by 70cm which gives plenty of room for bedding, food, toys and litter tray. We also let them out to explore our back room during the day, we have hiding holes, scratch poles and toys out for them. We supply Royal Canin Exigent dry for their food unless they are on a special diet that we don't have, then we ask you to please bring enough food with you for their stay.

Our Feliway diffuser is running 24/7 inside our cattery which helps all the cats feel safe, secure and happy and of course they get lots of pats! Us nurses know all the special places cats love to be petted.

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