Finance/Payment Plans

A lot of our clients are on the ball and like to have money available when needed for their pets so they set up an automatic payment directly to their account with us. It can be as little or as a lot as you like, weekly, fortnightly or just when you can afford to put some aside for them.

We do understand that life throws you curve balls sometimes when you often don’t expect it. So if your pet gets ill and you haven’t got enough money saved up in your rainy day account then we offer the services of the team at Vet Care Finance, they are lovely to deal with.

You can either apply online yourself or you can come into our clinic to fill out a form. We normally have an approval within an hour.

Find out more about them or apply online here:

Also if your pet is not de-sexed and you are in genuine financial hardship the Humane Society of New Zealand can lend a helping hand. They have a form to fill out here:

There is also the option to use Kitty Cat Fixers. You only pay $40 upfront to get your cat de sexed and then pay off the rest to them from as little as $1 per week! Apply here:

We also have Humm and Genoapay as options